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Knee Services

Knee Arthroscopy

This procedure uses a small camera that allows me to diagnose and provide treatment to knee problems. The knee is filled with sterile solutions to assist in viewing the knee joint. Then a variety of small incisions are used to treat the knee problem through two or three small incisions.

Meniscus (Torn Cartilage)

The Meniscus tear is the most common knee injury. Menisci tear in different ways. Tears are categorized by how they look, as well as where the tear occurs in the meniscus. Common tears include longitudinal, parrot-beak, flap, bucket handle, and mixed/complex. Depending on the tear and patients age I will either remove the torn portion or repair the meniscus.

Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL)

The ACL is the central stabilizing ligament of the knee. In most patients, a complete tear of the ACL requires reconstruction or rebuilding of the ACL through arthroscopic surgery. The new ACL comes either from the patient himself (autograft) or from a cadaver (allograft). The most common autograft donor site is either the patellar tendon or the hamstring tendons.

Cartilage Transplant for Arthritis

Micro Fracture

In this surgical procedure I create tiny fractures in the underlying bone which causes new cartilage to develop from a super clot. This surgery is done arthroscopically and it has a long recovery time with a high rate of success.


In this surgical procedure I take plugs of cartilage and bone from one part of the knee joint and transfer them to the area needing repair. The cartilage and bone cells grow in to the surrounding cells over many months and fill in the defect.