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Acupuncture Announcement

Dr. Melfi is now offering Acupuncture treatments. Please call 315-701-4027 for more information and to schedule an appointment.

Renée S. Melfi, M.D., PC Acupuncture practice does not accept insurance. Full payment is required at the time of service. We will, upon request, provide you with a superbill, which you may then submit to your insurance company.

Dr. Melfi is a triple-boarded medical sub-specialist (Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Pain Medicine, and Integrative Holistic Medicine) and is now certified in New York in Medical Acupuncture. She completed the Helms Medical Acupuncture for Physicians Course. The Helms Medical Institute (HMI) sponsors the oldest ongoing Medical Acupuncture training program in North America. Ninety percent of physicians practicing acupuncture in the United States have been trained through the Helms Medical Institute. The Helms program emphasizes the French energetic acupuncture system, the five phases approach and neuroanatomical acupuncture. Dr. Melfi completed the HMI Pain Management Pathway. This pathway addresses the pain of acute trauma, musculoskeletal problems such as myofascial pain and muscle tension, headaches, pain of spine lesions, peripheral neuropathies, and joint pain. As such, in addition to acupuncture, Dr. Melfi has special training in:

Chinese scalp acupuncture
Ear acupuncture
Electric stimulation
Gua Sha(scraping)
Scar deactivation
Myofascial Trigger Point deactivation
Herbal topicals
Homeopathic topicals